ProductsEarth ground testers

Earth ground testers

PClamp-on ground resistance meter


  • Clamp-on ground resistance meter
  • Simple and fast clamp-on operation, no auxiliary roads required
  • Direct reading of ground loop resistance from 0.01 Ω to 1.500 Ω
  • Direct reading of small leakage current from 1 mA
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Digital earth tester


  • Digital earth tester
  • Resistance reading: up to 20 kΩ
  • Earth Resistance measurement
  • Spurious voltage measurement
  • 3½ digits display
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Smart earth resistance tester


  • Smart earth resistance tester
  • Earth resistance measurement
  • Ground resistivity (Wenner's method)
  • Built-in memory
  • Built-in printer
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High frequency earth ground tester


  • High frequency earth ground tester
  • Intended for measurement of earth resistance of electricity pylons
  • Operation frequency: 25 kHz
  • Built-in memory and printer
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