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20kV - High voltage insulation tester

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20 kV - High voltage insulation tester

  • Insulation test up to: 4 TΩ
  • 4 Test voltages: 5 kV - 10 kV - 15 kV - 20 kV
  • Guard terminal
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Multiple scales for precision improvement
  • Portable, accurate & rugged
  • IP-54 Protection
The MI-20KVe High-Voltage insulation tester is a truly portable device that allows the measurement of insulation resistances using test voltages up to 20 kV.

It employs a state-of-the-art technology for the safe measurements of insulation resistances up to 4,000,000 MΩ with four test voltages: 5 kV - 10 kV - 15 kV and 20 kV.

Analogue indicator, having a broad scale.

Readings are performed through an easy-toread analogue indicator, having a broad scale.

This equipment is specially well suited to test isolation resistances in transmission lines and medium voltage distribution systems, whether aerial or underground, as it allows to perform testing with voltages near to the operational value. Besides, it is an excellent auxiliary when detecting cable failures.

In order to maximize the operator's safety, this equipment was made within a plastic cabinet of high dielectric strength, with no metallic accessible parts. A light indicator warns about dangerous voltages presence, both in the equipment and in the element under testing, and switches off only when the discharge process has finished.

This insulation tester has a GUARD terminal that allows to avoid the effects of parasitic resistances and surface currents on the insulation resistances under test.

Due to its reduced size and weight, its power autonomy and mechanical strength, this insulation tester is suitable for working out in the field, under severe weather conditions. It is powered with a rechargeable battery, with a charger for 110 V/220 V. In order to protect the equipment, the cabinet is water and dust resistant. Protection grade is IP54, and the insulation tester is supplied with a complete kit of high voltage test leads.

Test voltages

5 kV - 10 kV - 15 kV - 20 kV.

Maximum resistance reading

1 TΩ @ 5 kV.
2 TΩ @ 10 kV.
3 TΩ @ 15 kV.
4 TΩ @ 20 kV.

Short circuit current

500 µA.

Test voltage accuracy

± 2% of nominal test voltages on R ≥ 10 GΩ.

Internal current limiting resistance

10 MΩ @ 5 kV.
20 MΩ @ 10 kV.
30 MΩ @ 15 kV.
40 MΩ @ 20 kV.

Insulation tester Accuracy

Class 2 (±2 % of full scale deflection).

Analogue indicator

Up to 98 mm scale length, taut band, with mirror.

Environmental protection

IP54 with closed lid.

Safety class

In accordance with IEC 61010‑1.


In accordance with 61326‑1.

Electro magnetic irradiation immunity

In accordance with IEC 61000‑4‑3.

Electrostratic immunity

In accordance with IEC 61000‑4‑2.

Power supply

Internal rechargeable 12 V - 7 Ah sealed lead acid battery.

Battery charger

For 110-127 or 220 V.a.c. mains supply.

Operating temperature range

-5°C to +50°C.

Storage temperature range

-25°C to +65°C.


95 % UR (non condensing).


Approx. 9.8 kg.


378 x 308 x 175mm.

Included accessories

2 Measuring test leads (1.80 m).
1 GUARD test lead.
1 Charger power cord.
1 User guide.
1 Carrying bag.

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